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The following General Sales Conditions regard the sales of all products that are offered on

All contract sales between the Seller and the Consumer made on the website and according to its procedures, will be regulated by this General Conditions.

The products purchased on  Twenty-Twenty Srl, legally registered in Italy, Via Lisbona 29, 24049 Verdellino (BG) Italy, P.IVA 04192250167.
All prices are comprehensive of VAT.

You are welcome to direct any inquiries to SMB MILANO, through our customer care contacts:

For any legal inquiries, please refer to “Cookie Policy”, “Privacy Policy” "Returns Policy" and “Shipping Terms” paragraphs.

1. Our Commercial Policy

The Seller offers his own products on sales on and exercises his electronic trade activity exclusively towards his own final users, herewith called “Consumers”

When referring to Consumers we address any physical person who operates on with purposes not related to his own trading, professional or business activity. If you are not a “Consumer” you are invited not to take part to any commercial transaction on

In view of its his own Commercial Policy, the Seller reserves the right to not confirm those orders placed by subjects different than the Consumer or those orders that do not fulfill his own Commercial Policy.

The herewith General Sales Conditions only regulate the offer, the confirmation, and the acceptance of purchase orders related to products available on and between the users of and the Seller.

The General Sales Conditions do not regulate any service or product offered on by subjects other than the Seller, through links, banners or any other Internet hypertext link. We recommend, before placing orders or purchasing products and services from subjects other than the Seller, to verify their sales conditions, as the Seller will not be responsible for the supply of services by subjects different than the Seller, or for the outcome of electronic sales made on by the users of and other subjects than the Seller.


2. How to conclude a contract with SMB MILANO

In order to conclude a purchase contract of one or more products on, you will be required to  fill in the electronic order sheet and submit it to the Seller, via Internet, following the instructions found on

Before proceeding with the purchase of any product, by submitting the order sheet, you will be required to carefully read the “Cancellation Right”, the “Statement on Privacy Policy” and the “Terms and General Conditions”, to memorize it or make a copy for your own personal use.

On the order sheet which will be displayed right before the conclusion of the purchase contract, we will give you information on the essential characteristics of each product you have ordered, its price (comprehensive of all taxes or possible duties) and the shipping costs (including also any additional costs incurred with any different or faster than the standard shipping options, and any supplemental costs for paying by check or cash on delivery. The contract will be considered concluded when the Seller receives, via internet, the order sheet, once all info provided is verified as correct.

The order sheet will be kept on file in our database until the order delivery, and in accordance to the law. You will have access to your order sheet by logging into the portal, only if you are one of our current clients.

When confirming your order, you will be informed that such confirmation implies your commitment to duly pay the price stated. Before proceeding with the order confirmation, you will be required to find and correct any possible data entry mistake.

The language available to conclude the order is either Italian or English.

Once the order is confirmed, SMB will take responsibility for it.

By placing the order online, you accept and commit unconditionally to fulfill the herewith mentioned General Sales Conditions of the Seller. If you don’t agree on some or all of the mentioned General Sales Conditions, you are invited  to not submit the order sheet for purchases of product on

Once the Contract is concluded, the Seller will provide you with the AWB to track the shipment.

We remind you that the product you are purchasing is intended to be delivered and sold solely in the country you have specified; if you decide to distribute the product in any country different than the stated one, you will be held responsible for such distribution and you will have to follow all rules and restrictions related to the export and import laws of the countries involved.

3. Guarantees

On  only SMB products of first quality will be available.


4. Payments
For the payment of the products and the corresponding shipping and delivery costs associated, you will be following one of the procedures illustrated on the order sheet. Under no circumstances you will be charged with costs higher than the ones paid by the Seller, when referring to your payment form.


5. Shipment and Delivery of the Products

In order to understand the specifics of the shipment and delivery of the products, please refer to “Shipment Terms”, at the bottom page on

We kindly ask you to pay attention to what is stated in the above section, as these indications are a fundamental part of the herewith General Conditions of Sales and, therefore, as such, they are considered fully acknowledged by you when confirming your order.


6. Right of Withdrawal
The Consumer has the right to withdraw from the contract concluded with the Seller, without any penalty, within fourteen (14) days, calculated starting from the day the products purchased on  are received by the Consumer. There is a possibility of exchanging the product purchased with another one, by expressing via email to the reasons, as well as model and colour of the product to be returned. Shipping costs will be fully paid for by the Consumer.

In order to withdraw from the contract you can contact SMB directly by sending an email to

Upon exercising the right of withdrawal from the contract, you must return the products to the Seller, delivering them to the forwarder within fourteen (14) days from the day you have communicated to the Seller your decision to withdraw from the contract. Shipping costs to return the products will be fully paid for by the Consumer.

In case of loss or damage of  the products during transportation, caused by the negligence of the Consumer or by his choice of a different shipper and/or of different shipping mode, the Consumer will be considered fully responsible.

The Right of Withdrawal – provided the terms and modalities of the above paragraphs have been diligently respected, this will be considered properly exercised as long as the following conditions are also fulfilled:
Products must not have been used, damaged and/or washed
The Product Tag must still be attached to the product through the disposable seal, that is considered fully part of the product
Products must be delivered to the forwarder within ten (10) days from the day the Consumer has communicated to the Seller the decision to withdraw from the contract.

If the Right of Withdrawal is exercised according to the modalities and terms specified in this paragraph, the Seller will provide a refund for all the amounts paid by the Consumer for the purchase of the products and already cashed, within the conditions and times indicated in the General Sales Conditions.

The amount will be refunded only after the goods are received back and inspected.

In case the conditions and terms for the Right of Withdrawal are not respected, you will lose the right to a refund of the amounts already paid.
Within five (5) days from the receipt of the email informing you about the rejection of your product return, you will be have the possibility to receive back, at our expense, the products in the same condition as they were returned, by expressly relaying to the Seller, via email or telephone. The Seller will otherwise be entitled to keep the products, including the amount already paid for their purchase.


7. Timing and Modalities of Refunds

After receiving back the products, the Seller will put into place all necessary assessments to verify the conformity of the products to the conditions and terms specified. Upon a positive verification, the Seller will provide you via email with the confirmation of the acceptance of the return of the products.

The refund will be executed by the Seller only once the correct exercise of the Right of Withdrawal is verified.

The Seller will execute the refund with the same exact payment terms used for the purchase of the products returned, unless you have expressly agreed with the Seller the use of a different payment term. In case there is no correspondence between the receiver of the products as stated on the order sheet and the person who executed the payment of the amounts due for their purchase, the refund will always be exercised by the Seller towards the person who made the payment.

The refund will credited the same day as the billing date, so as to cause no interest loss for the Consumer.


8. Privacy

You are entitled to know how your personal info is treated by accessing the Privacy Policy. For any additional info on our Privacy Policy you can send a request to the following email address:


9. Applicable Law and dispute Solutions

The General Sale Conditions are regulated by the Italian Law, specifically by the Legislative Decree, number 206, from September 6th 2005, about the consumer code at the 1st Paragraph “the Rights of the Consumers in Contracts”, expressly referring to the regulations of the Distant Contracts and to the Legislative Decree, number 70, from April 9th 2003, concerning some aspects of the electronic trade.


10. Changes and Upgrades

The General Sale Conditions are modified from time to time also in view of possible law or regulatory changes occurred in the meantime. The new General Sale Conditions will be effective from the date they are published on


11. Legal Guarantee

11.1 All products sold by TWENTY-TWENTY Srl are covered by a Legal Guarantee of 24 months for lack of conformity, according to the article 129 of the D.Lgs n. 206/2005 (Consumer Policy).
In view of the legal Guarantee, TWENTY-TWENTY Srl is responsible towards the Consumer (the physical person who acts for purposes different than business, manufacturing, commercial, craft or professional activity), for any lack of conformity existing at the time of the product delivery, as stated by art. 130 of D.Lgs n. 206/2005 and within 24 months from the date the product was purchased.

This lack of conformity exists when the product is not suitable for the purposes for which it is intended, does not conform to the description, or does not possess the quality and/or the performance promised by the Seller and typical of the product sold, or the specific quality and performance requirements by the Consumer when it was the subject of a special agreement between the parties.

The denunciation of the lack of conformity (art.132, paragraph 1), which is manifested in the term of validity of the legal guarantee (24 months ), must be made, under penalty of forfeiture, within two months from the date of discovery (art.132 , paragraph 2). In the case of lack of conformity, the consumer is entitled to ask the Seller, at his discretion and without charge, to repair or replace the goods, unless the remedy requested is objectively impossible or excessively expensive (Art.130, paragraphs 3 and 4).

Pursuant to the 3rd paragraph of art.132, for any defect which becomes apparent within six months of purchase, which was assumed to exist at the date of purchase, the Consumer has the right to restore, without charge, the conformity of the goods by repair or replacement (art . 130 ). To qualify, the Consumer will keep the invoice (or DDT) that was received along with the purchased goods

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