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How can I wash my bag?

You can wash all our products by hand separately from other garments, with the use of a neutral soap; the use of fabric softener is not recommended.

Can I iron my Save My Bag bag?

Our bags can be ironed only with steam: we do not recommend using the iron directly on the fabric.

How to make the folds go away?

Using a vaporella or a steam iron, always avoiding contact with the fabric.

Can I put my bag in the dryer?

No, we do not recommend putting our bags in the dryer.

Are the products I find on other sites original?

There are many marketplaces where you can find our original bags, however we always recommend you to buy our products on the official website

In case you find suspicious products on external sites, we ask you to report it to

How many pounds can Miss Plus carry?

Our Miss Plus can carry up to 5 kg.

Are the shoulder straps the same length? Are they adjustable?

Our Colors shoulder straps have a length of 108 cm and are not adjustable. The shoulder straps supplied with the Sole model are adjustable, the minimum length is 78 cm while the maximum is 120 cm.

Are the chains adjustable?

Our chains are adjustable. The rings can be removed easily.

What is the difference between neoprene and Lycra?

The key difference between Lycra and neoprene is that lycra is an elastic fiber while neoprene is a synthetic rubber. Both lycra and neoprene are polymeric materials. Both are synthetic materials, but another important difference between Lycra and neoprene is that Lycra has an exceptional elasticity, the softness to the touch (used in fact for swimsuits) and the absence of smell derived from rubber.

Are there pockets in the bags?

The Missy and the Petite Miss have no inside pocket, the Miss Plus has an inside pocket while the Weekender has an outside pocket. Jumbo versions have multiple pockets.

Can Miss Weekender be carried as hand luggage?

The dimensions of the Miss Weekender are 440x400x200 mm: according to the guidelines of the different airlines, it can be used as hand luggage.

Can I change my bag?

Our Miss Custom is designed to be customized as you wish. You can find it here:

Are Save My Bag bags cruelty free?

All of our bags are 100% vegan and completely cruelty free.

Are Save My Bag bags completely Made in Italy?

Save My Bag bags are handmade and sewn in Italy: we are a 100% Made in Italy brand! Suppliers, production and warehouse are all located in the province of Bergamo, Lombardy.

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