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Logo esagonale SMB
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SMB, the sustainable line of Save My Bag,
characterized by a deep synergy between fashion and production responsibility.


Bags and accessories designed and produced in Italy with Vita ® ,

the sustainable techno-fabric made with a regenerated nylon thread that transforms the problem of waste such as carpets, clothes and fishing nets, into solutions for the world of fashion.

Logo and chains are made of Bio-Plastic: a biopolymer made up of 99% recycled components.

The SMB philosophy is based on the concept of CIRCULAR PRODUCTION:

the fabric can be regenerated, recreated and remodeled indefinitely.

The goal is to create new products by expressing our creativity,

without using new resources, but using regenerated tissues,

reducing C02 emissions and thus limiting the impact on the environment.

icone sostenibilità tessuto riciclato cruelty free made in italy
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